About Me

Hello World,

I realized that I should have posted this first but I don’t think that the order matters as much. I decided to create a website for my Grade 8 Language. We had to do a book report in a creative format, whether it was an essay, poem, symbols to represent important factors, websites, etc…

I chose to create a website. I didn’t know I would be engaged into writing about more, but my teacher said that I am pretty good at writing blogs and reviews so I kept on writing. It’s really fun. You get to explore the world and what everyone else feels and not just know what you feel.

I don’t really enjoy reading, but I have started. I only read certain books, like mysteries, or magical but I will make one thing clear, I hate ‘Harry Potter’. I just want to get that out there.

I might not write as often but I will definitely not stop, hopefully.