Connecting ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ with ‘The Fault in our Stars’

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time


Disability (Dealing with an illness) – Asperger’s Syndrome

Loneliness – He doesn’t know other’s that are in his situation

Christopher’s Relationship with his Father

They are different than other’s because of Christopher’s disability. his father is more protective and sometimes careless. Another way to say this is that their relationship is dysfunctional.

Christopher’s Relationship with his Mother

Christopher does not know his mother well since she left him and his father at a young age with Mr. Shears. She could not handle Christopher because of his illness. His father lied to him, saying that his mother died in the hospital of a heart problem. Near the end, Christopher and his mother connect because he realizes that she is alive and living in London.

At first, he had no relationship with his mother and never mentioned her. Once he saw the letters, he realized that his mother was alive and never died. He became afraid of his father and turned to his mother for help even though he hadn’t seen her in many years. He could no longer trust his father due to his bad behaviours.

The Fault in our Stars


Love – has the opportunity to fall in love with Augustus Waters

Depression – faces the onset of death and hurt due to her condition

Friendship – finds solace and hope

Loss – losing someone close to her, a loved one

Cancer – illness, main theme of the novel

Hazel’s Relationship with her Father

Her father is overprotective of Hazel because of her illness. He fears losing her and always cries when she leaves the house, as if he’s never going to see her again.

Hazel’s Relationship with her Mother

Hazel’s mom knows more about her cancer needs and thinks that Hazel should be out of the house more because she concludes that Hazel is depressed. Hazel’s mom want her to live her life and not just watch reality tv shows at home. She wants her to make friends, which is why she sends Hazel to Support Group; she wants Hazel to be a normal teenager.

Hazel’s Relationship with Augustus Waters

Hazel shows a lot of interest in Augustus, however, hides this from him and herself because she doesn’t want to cause him any pain, since she knows she can die at any given moment. Their relationship escalates to the next level when they go on a trip to Amsterdam to meet the author of Hazel’s favourite novel, ‘An Imperial Affliction’ by Peter Van Houten.

Connections Between the Two:

Hazel and Christopher both have an illness. Christopher has a mental illness which most people find confusing and find it hard to understand. Hazel; however, has a physical illness and has to carry around and oxygen tank connected to her cannula. People feel sorry and sympathize towards her because they can see that something is wrong with her (not functioning properly).

Hazel is a high school student going to collage and Christopher is only in elementary school, however, is already doing his A level Maths exam. He is very smart and knows all the prime number’s up till 7, 057. They are both talented in their own way.


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