Divergent Spinoff

Have you ever thought what Beatrice’ life would have turned out to be if she had chosen to stay in Abnegation?


Choosing Ceremony

For me, there are so many possibilities. I started thinking about this a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop myself from writing the plot of what could happen. It’s fun to think of the different outcomes of Tris’ life and what could happen if she chose to stay. For starters, she wouldn’t meet Four (Tobias Eaton) until the attack on Abnegation or you could twist that by saying that Tobias came to warn his father, like he does in the novel Four and then meets Tris. Also Andrew and Natalie Prior, Beatrice’ parents might not die and Caleb, well, he would stay a Caleb. Betraying his family to join Erudite – the intelligent.

And there is a possibility that this might not happen…

What would you do to change the plot of the story? Write your thoughts in the comment section below!


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