Larry Page

Larry Page

Larry Page has a net worth 29.2 billion USD (2015)


Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973 (42 years old) in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. He founded Google, which today is commonly used by everybody. He also founded Alphabet Inc. He studied at East Lansing High School from 1987-1991. He then attended University of Michigan, followed by Stanford University. His parents are Carl Victor Page and Gloria Page. He is married to Lucinda Southworth and has one child. Today he lives in Palo Alto, California. He holds the citizenship of the United States.

Management Function


He is reaching the certain goal by planning  new ideas and new features to improve Google. He improves all the time with the workers. The steps that Page is taking to constantly improve Google is working faster and collaborating with the executives to make quick choices. He encourages an attitude that will help people work together that helped YouTube grow. He plans his activity in a way which can benefit both people and organization.


Larry is tackling many projects at once but distributes his focus equally. One project that took him 6 years to get staff working on, was the Google digitization of books.He  believes that if people are focused on the right things then they can  can see the bigger picture and find different ways to  expand and improve ideas.He motivate his employees by giving them free food,child care and place to nap.He organises a relaxed environment.Page hires employees from all over the world so there is a diverse workforce and different backgrounds in the organization.


Larry Page has a democratic leading style causing him to value his employee’s opinions. He encourages young employees to think of crazy ideas because those ideas could involve into amazing things. He motivates and values his employees by figuring out what would be best for them and looking out for the health of his workers. He believes if people are happier, they are going to be more productive.He likes to hear and include other people’s creative ideas.Larry Page wants his team should believe in audacious ideas.He leads  his employees towards new horizons of advancing technologies and innovations.He wants his employees to follow some qualities like they should be a good leader,a good communicator,have technical skills. 


It’s only been a couple years since Larry Page took over as the CEO of Google, but Google has evolved to be quicker, more disciplined and bolder.He focuses on things that are able to make a big impact but also focuses on and invests in his employee’s creative ideas instead of continuously doing the same thing repeatedly like some big companies. Larry is thinking of his employee’s first and is constantly encouraging them to think big so he can increase Google’s services. Larry Page is a manager that is succeeding not only business wise but as a leader in the business world.


How do they manage resources?

He chooses the right people for the job within the company so that work gets done.

What is their position in the company?

CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company.

Do they oversee other departments?

Yes, Larry Page does oversee other departments since he is the CEO of a parent company. So he oversees Google (Android, Search, YouTube, Apps, Maps and Ads), Google Ventures, Googles Capital, Google, Nest Labs, Fiber, and Calico.

How do they work with other departments? 

They work pretty well with other departments since Alphabet is a parent company and every other company underneath. It is a department they must work together to make everything run smoothly.

Chart for Larry Page

Larry Page believes in keeping employees motivated by providing them with perks such as free health care, free food and many office benefits. By doing this he encourages employees to work efficiently and improve their performance. Page considers all the employees at Google his ‘family’ and this allows him and other employees to communicate easily with each other. An example of this is the Google office in New York which has a New York apartment themed conference room where employees communicate and share ideas.

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