The Vampire Diaries Characters

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert is a normal human, who lives in Mystic Falls with Jeremy Gilbert, her brother, living a normal life. She keeps her own diary where she shares her feelings about the world around her. She has felt alone ever since her parents died. They were going over Wickery Bridge, where the car fell into the river, Elena was the only who survived. Elena is the heart of the two Salvatore brothers, she picks Stefan. She falls in love with vampires. Do you think she will ever want to be a vampire herself? Will she ever fall in love with Stefan’s brother, Damon?

Stefan Salvatore

He is a vampire. He came to mystic falls only for her… for Elena. His actions are different, he avoids human blood as much as possible. He was known as the Ripper but he was trying to change his ways of surviving off of human blood. he was unique, he was a one hundred and fifty year old vampire. Damon Salvatore is his older brother. Stefan and elena fall in love and it is epic. They were destined to be together. Will something ever come in the way of their love or will they die loving each other? Oh I forgot, vampires can’t die unless they are staked in the heart, their heart is ripped out or if they are bitten by a werewolf or hybrid.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore is the older brother of stefan Salvatore who also is a vampire and is in love with his ‘baby brother’s girl’. he wants her as much as Stefan and is willing to take it to the next level to get her. He loves to feed on human blood straight from the vein. He is a mixture of good and evil. He does bad things for a reason, however, sometimes he is just reckless because he is either angry or because he didn’t get to do something his way. His character is funny at times and he is very attractive, equally as attractive as his brother… Do you think that Damon will get to be with Elena? Will he change is actions and his emotions? Do you think he might start to hate Elena and everybody that she loves?

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore 3

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie is Elena’s best friend and she is a witch. She comes from the Bennett bloodline, which is a very strong bloodline for witches. The important people in her line consists Emily Bennett, abby Bennett (Bonnie’s mother), her Grams, etc… She is a very important character to the storyline and is one of the strongest. She is with Elena’s little brother, Jeremy. Even though he is younger than her, they are very cute together. Bonnie is honest and loving and thinks of others before herself. Will she do anything to protect her friends, even if that means putting her life in danger?

More to come…


Do you prefer Damon or Stefan and why?

Who’s love is pure and epic? Damon or Stefan’s love for Elena?

Do you like vampires? If you could, would you want to be vampire?

Please ask questions or post comments in the section below!


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