Living The Divergent Dream

Abnegation symbol

Dauntless Symbol

Erudite Symbol

Amity Symbol

Candor Symbol

When I pick up any one of the Divergent series books, I can’t seem to put it down until I’ve finished reading the entire book. I’m sorry if anyone thinks that is weird, but that is what I always do after I read a book and love it.

Divergent, I have read dozens of times! It never get’s old for me!

It may seem weird, but sometimes at night I dream about Divergent and change the plot of the story completely. It’s fascinating to picture future Chicago in a different set of eyes; Tris’ perspective; as well as Tobias Eaton’s.

Out of the two, Tobias (Four) is my favorite! His dreamy eyes and muscular body is all I need to think of to put me to sleep…

Who is your favorite, Tris or Four?… and why?


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