Insurgent Movie


Insurgent is the second novel in the Divergent trilogy written by Veronica Roth. Her novel takes us all on an adventure everyone should experience. Her creativity and style of writing blows my mind. Beatrice Prior (played by Shailene Woodley), now known as Tris is the main character of the novel/movie.

Shailene Woodley and Theo James 9

The Movie starts off with Eric finding a box with all the five faction symbols. He found this box buried under the Prior’s Abnegation house. Tris, Four (played by Theo James), Caleb (played by Ansel Elgort), Peter (played by Miles Teller) and Marcus run through the forest until the reach Amity. They request for a place to stay so they don’t get killed by the other Dauntless and/or Erudite. Tris wakes up after a horrible nightmare. She was dreaming about Will. Will. The next thing we know is that Tris takes a pear of scissors and cuts here hair. She just wanted a change. Whilst working, Four notices her hair and says that he likes her new hair a lot. They talk about when they plan to leave and Four says that they will leave soon.

Tris 5Four and Tris 1Four and Tris 2


Marcus tries to tell Tris that her mother died, not trying to save her, but because she was protecting something, something that Jeanine wanted badly. However, in the next scene, we can see that Jeanine has found what she has been looking for, the box that Eric found. Max asks what’s in the box and Jeanine replies by saying. “A message from the founders to ensure the future. Divergent’s will destroy our society, unless we destroy them, and now we can. However, only a Divergent can open this box. Find them. Every last one of them.”


Tris is having a hard time blending in with the Amity folks and can’t stand it any longer. In the meantime, Peter is doing a great job blending in. While they are in line to get food, Peter flirts with Tris and Four buts in to tell him to back off. When they all sit at the table to eat, Tris get really upset with Peter and almost kills him with a knife. She is stopped by Johanna, the Amity leader, as well as, Tobias. When they are called into Johanna’s office, she tells them that they can no longer stay here in Amity because their presents is disrupting everyone. Four promises that nothing like this will ever happen again and requests for them to stay a few more days until they don’t find out where the rest of the Dauntless are hiding. She gives them one more chance. A man runs up and looks afraid. Four looks out of the window to see Eric and Max and all the other Dauntless that are working for Jeanine coming into the Amity compound with big trucks. Johanna welcomes Eric and Max. They ask to test all the Amity folks to find all the Divergent’s. She gives them permission. She doesn’t move from the doorway to her office until Eric doesn’t ask her what’s up there. He walks around and Four, Tris, Peter and Caleb are trying to get out of the building without being noticed. They climb out of the window. The fighting kicks in and so do the guns. They run towards the forest so that they are not found and keep on running. Eric is behind them, running. They say it’s time to separate and Peter goes another way. They see train tracks and Tris and Caleb cross onto the other side while Four is still in front of the train tracks. Tris keeps on shooting from the other side while all the Dauntless are behind trees, shooting. They see a train coming their way and Eric starts running along with the others. Four runs and crosses to the other side just in the nick of time. They run alongside of the train while Eric tries to shoot from the other side. Just like always, Four and Tris climb onto the train, even though it’s going at full speed. Caleb also makes it in just in time. The train leaves without Eric.


In the train appear lots of men and women. Factionless. A fight starts in the train and Caleb kills someone with a knife; however, he does not bother doing anything, just stands there while Tris is trying to fight someone and getting choked to death. She almost falls out of the train but Four comes to the rescue. The fighting stops when Four says “Tobias Eaton.” the man asks if he knows Tobias and Four says, “I am him.” The Factionless man says that they have been looking for him. Four seems to know what’s going on; however, Tris and Caleb have no idea.


There is a whole abandoned building with the Factionless everywhere, working, making tools and weapons. The Leader of the Factionless is Evelyn Johnson, mother of Tobias, wife of Marcus Eaton. Tris and Caleb both thought that she was dead; however, Four seemed to know about this and Tris probably wondered why he wouldn’t tell her. She guided them to a room with a table where food, not enough but still food, lay on the table. Tris asked what was going on and Evelyn started talking. “Tobias’s father was very abusive. I knew that the only way to truly escape him would be to disappear completely. Abnegation helped me fake my death. Anything to protect Marcus’s image.” Tris interrupts by saying that she left Tobias alone with Marcus. All she says is, “I was very young. I reached out to him about a year ago. I felt it was finally time to reconnect. I’m still your mother.” Tobias says that his mother is dead. He also says that she isn’t trying to reconnect with him, she was trying to use him. Tris asks why and he says, “She wants an army.” Evelyn interrupts by saying that she wants an alliance but Tobias says that she wants revenge. She starts saying that the city is surrounded by a wall but that it doesn’t have to a prison.

All Tris asks is, “Are you willing to kill Jeanine?” Her reply is, “Absolutely. When I was married to Marcus, I knew her well and believe me, there is nothing that she isn’t capable of. But I think you already know that.” All Tobias says is that we cannot trust Evelyn. “I’m Factionless because I don’t fit in to any one faction and you’re Divergent because you belong to too many. But we’re both a threat to Jeanine. My people are ready for war, if that’s what it takes.” Tobias says that what will happen after that, and she says, “We will depose those in power.” Four says, “Once you’ve killed Jeanine, who’s in power then? See, that’s the part that she always conveniently leaves out.” He tells Tris and Evelyn that this is only about Evelyn, not anybody else. She changes the topic. “I know where the remaining Dauntless are hiding.” Tris asks where. “They took shelter in Candor and as far as I know, they’re still there. Think about it, if we were to combine forces, Dauntless and Factionless, we’d be unstoppable.” Tobias says that that’s not going to happen. He says that they will be leaving in the morning. Evelyn asks Tobias to reconsider. Tobias hits the table and says not to call him Tobias. He tells her that his name is Four. Evelyn asks Tris if she wants to talk him in or if she will have to do it herself. Tris looks at her and follows Four upstairs.

Tris goes up to Tobias and hugs him. He is not in a good mood because he kept a secret from her; however, he promises to keep no more secrets from each other.


She is dreaming again.

She wakes up to see Evelyn. She says that she didn’t mean to wake her and that she always loved watching him sleep. She says that she only wants the best for Tobias and Tris says that she barely knows him. She says that Tris is deadly to him and says to ask him herself. She turns around, not to see Tobias but Will.


She wakes up with a jerk. Tobias comforts her, and his breaths become even again. Tris falls back to sleep.

They set off the next day, Tris, Four and Caleb, and are walking towards the Candor Compound, walking over and under many destroyed buildings. Caleb suddenly says,

“I’m not coming with you guys. What’s your plan? You guys are going to find the rest of the Dauntless and then what? You’re going to attack Erudite? Assassinate Jeanine? Start a civil war? I’m sorry, I’m just not cut out for that. I’m not like you guys. I’m going to go back to Abnegation, maybe, sort out what are parents left behind.”

Tris says that there is nothing left in Abnegation. All Caleb does is look at her and then walks away. Tris and Four continue walking in the direction of Candor while Caleb goes the other way. They climb up and down until Four stops her and tells her that Caleb made his own choice and he also tells her that she can’t protect everyone. She says, “I can’t protect anyone.” He says that this isn’t her fault, none of it is her fault. He says that Johanna was right and that we have to forgive ourselves. All Tris does is nod. Later, they arrive at Candor.

All the other Dauntless are there, and they all run towards Four and Tris. Christina runs up to her and asks if she knows anything about Will. Tris lies. She says she doesn’t know anything. Tori also comes up and asks how she’s holding up.

They walk into the compound and are arrested. They are taken in to see Jack Kang, leader of Candor. Jack says that they are both wanted because of the attack on Abnegation. He says that because of the circumstances, he is obliged to hand them over to the council and that they will have their case there. Tris says that they might as well kill them know. She says that if Jeanine finds them, they won’t even be able to stand trial. Jack says that he doubts that very much. Jack asks for them to leave; however, Tobias has one question. He says to Jack that Jeanine thinks Erudite should be in charge because they are the smartest. He asks him if he thinks Candor should be in charge because they are the most honest. He responds, “I admit. I do hold that belief.” Tobias then asks that isn’t it more fair for a trial to be held here then by Erudite. He says, “The answer is yes.” Tobias asks that in one part of initiation, they administer the Truth Serum. Jack says that they don’t discuss such matters with other factions. Tobias says that he is not being honest. Jack then admits and says that they do possess the Truth Serum. Tobias asks if it is possible to have the trial in Candor; however, Tris hesitates. After a few seconds, Kang agrees. Kang mentions that the Truth Serum is very strong and will make you speak even though you know you don’t want to. “Not everyone finds it so easy to share their secrets.” As the guards escort them, Tris asks why we have to and Four says that it is necessary.


Four goes under the serum and walks in the middle of the circle of people. Before he does though, Jack says, “May the truth set you free.”

The first question that is asked is, “You were accused of conspiring with the fellow Dauntless on the attack on Abnegation. Is this true?” Tobias answers. He says that he was under a simulation. He said that Tris found him and broke him free from the simulation and that together they fought their way out. Jack Kang asks, “So you’re saying, Jeanine orchestrated this attack?” Tobias answers, “Yes.” Kang says, “One last thing, if you suspected that Jeanine had corrupted Dauntless, why didn’t you just leave, why did you stay?” Tobias breathes in and out slowly and then responds, “I wanted to leave, but I fell in love with Tris Prior. I couldn’t leave her there.” Jack finishes by saying, “Thank you for your Candor.” Everyone in the audience repeats, “Thank You for your Candor.”

Tris is next. The needle is plunged into her and Kang says, “May the truth set you free.”

“Tris Prior, Mr. Eaton said that you managed to free him from the Sim? So you were never under the simulation yourself?” This is Kang’s first question. Tris’s response is simple, “No.” He then asks, “How is that possible?” all she says is, “Because I’m Divergent.” He asks, “So you never harmed any of your fellow Dauntless or the Abnegation?” She is having trouble responding, “I did.” He asks, “Who?” She is having trouble again, “My mom, and then my dad, they both killed trying to save me. And…” She is crying now and having trouble saying the last name. “… and… my friend… I killed my friend… he was trying to shoot me and I… I shot him first…” Jack asks, “What was his name?” Tris is crying even more and trying to resist the serum, but she says, “I can’t.” Trying to resist the simulation still, “What was his name?” Asks Jack again, “Will. I killed him. This is what happened.” Tris starts crying even more after saying what she just said. Jack says, “Thank you for your Candor.” Everyone repeats again, “Thank You for your Candor.”

Tris walks out and Tobias follows her outside until he reaches for her arm so that she can stop. He keeps on saying her name until she finally stops. He says that he’s sorry for what happened and she responds right after saying that she told him that she didn’t want to do that. She walks away.


Jeanine is testing more and more Divergent to get the box to open. Test number six fails. She says to shut it down and then says, “All Divergent are the same, but some are much stronger than others.”


Tris is on top of the building looking out. Uriah walks up behind her and asks, “Where’s your scary boyfriend?” She responds, “Probably gone off doing scary boyfriend things.” He asks, “Mind if I join you? I love heights, when I’m up here, everything seems so much smaller. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I see lights out beyond the wall. I know they say it’s all just wasteland out there but we can’t be the only ones left. Can we?” A gun goes off and they start running. They split up. Tris sees a door and closes it, she runs down and sees girls lying on the stairs. They have been shot, not by guns but by some simulation which makes them fall asleep. A little girl is there, not asleep, which can only mean that she is Divergent. Tris tells her to stay here and that her mother will come and get her from here and tells her not to move.

Tris finds Uriah and they are trying to open a door to get out but Eric stands behind them, saying that it is a pleasure to be seeing her again. He brings them both to a big room where many others are, and makes them sit on the floor, even the little girl is there. Eric walks towards her and little girl keeps mumbling. Eric checks to see what percent of a Divergent she is. 40% pops up on the screen. He says that’s good, but not good enough. He shoots her. Tris lunges on him and he fights back. Max from behind says to check her. Max comes forward and puts the machine in front of her. It reads, “Divergent, 100%.” Max is surprised, “I’ll be damned. She’s what we’ve been looking for.” Eric snatches the machine from his hands and says, “Oh, Shit.” He checks the machine readings himself. Again, it reads, “Divergent, 100%” Max says to get her in the vehicle. Eric looks at her and tells her, “If you think you got lucky, you’re wrong. You’re gonna wish I killed ya.”

They start to walk her out of the room when Tobias comes in and starts to punch Eric from behind. He puts him on the floor and points the gun at him. He brings the gun down slowly and walks towards Tris. He undoes the strap on her hands. She takes his arm and says, “Thank You.”  Eric says from behind, “It’s lucky you got that gun, Four.” Tobias turns around and passes the gun to someone else. Eric starts towards him but Tobias is too strong for him. He drags him into the same room where Tris first was, and takes the gun from the guy again. “You think sees safe now, you’re wrong. Jeanine is never going to stop searching for you.” Eric says. Tobias asks, “Why? What does she want with her? Tell me.” Eric says, “Look, all I know is that she’s exactly what Jeanine needs. She’s the perfect subject.” Tobias loads the gun. Eric says, “Is that supposed to scare me?” Tobias says, “You’re responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, you know the punishment for that?” Tobias points the gun at him and shoots, this time looking at him right in the eye. He didn’t look away, like he does in his fear landscape.

Everyone comes back alive from their sleep and clusters around Four, Tris and Eric’s now dead body. “We all know what this means.” Tobias says. “Thank you for helping us.” He says this to Jack. His response is, “I wish I could do more. I didn’t know Jeanine was capable of something like this.” Four says, “It’s time we fight back.” someone says, “We don’t have enough.” Four says, “We will, once we get the Factionless.”

They walk out of the building, with many Dauntless lined up behind them.


“Tris Prior, of course. It had to be her. She’s still off the grid.” Jeanine says as she reads the machine that was once faced at Tris. Max say, “Ya, but I think I found a solution.” Peter walks in. Jeanine asks him, “It’s Peter, right?” Peter responds. “Yup. And Jeanine, can I just say that it is really an honor to finally meet you in person.”


“Congratulations, mother. You got your war.” Tobias says.


“Tell me. Why did you surrender to Erudite? What do you want?” Jeanine asks Peter. He responds, “I would like a position to work for you. Where do I start?” She answers, “Start by finding your friend Tris Prior.”


Tris is sitting down and then hears something. Christina and two others are on the edge of the cliff and step forward once as they say in unison, “The Traitor, Tris Prior must be surrendered to Erudite or everyday more death will follow. Hand over Tris Prior or everyday more death will follow. Hand over Tris Prior or everyday more death will follow. Hand over Tris Prior or everyday more death will follow.” Tris lunges towards Christina and catches her right in time. Tori saves the girl on the other end; however, the girl in the middle, falls off and dies as Four is standing right in front of her. Tris looks at Four over the edge and then turns around to face the ceiling and just lies there.

“We removed this from the body of the suicide.” Evelyn says. “Marlene, her name was Marlene.” Says Lynn. Tori explains what the Sim inside that device does. “This tech was built to defend itself.”  Says Tori. A man comes out and says to just hand Tris over and that it would give them some time. Four says, “I think that’s a good idea, except you’ll have to go through me first.” Christina adds, “Me too.” Everyone then says, “And all of us.” Tris just walks away from the scene.


Tobias walks into the room. Tris is sitting on the edge of the bed. “I know what you’re thinking. I’m not going to let you do it.” He says. “I can’t let anyone else die because of me.” She says. “No one is going to die because of you. She will find a way to disable the disk.” He says in return. “And if she doesn’t?” She asks. “If she doesn’t then we’ll figure it out together.” She says, “You know I’m just one person. I’m not worth it.” He responds, “Ya you are, you’re worth it to me. I love you.” They kiss.


That night she wakes up and gets dressed. She begins her journey to the Erudite compound. Evelyn watches her leave. Its morning and she is still making her way to the Erudite compound. She arrives and lets them take her in the compound.


“Where are you going?” Evelyn asks Tobias, pretending to be surprised. “She’s gone.” He says while loading his gun. “What? When?” She says, surprised again. He says that she left last night. “Wait.” He doesn’t. “Tobias!” She runs behind him. “They to you for leadership. You can’t just abandon them.” He leaves anyways.


The door opens and Peter walks in. “Wow. I’m impressed. I mean, I knew that you were dumb but I didn’t know you were dumb enough to come down here, to turn yourself in.” All she says is, “The killings have to stop.” He says, “Let’s go. Once a Stiff, always a Stiff, right?” Another door opens and they are in the room where the testing is taken place. Tris asks Peter what this place is. He says that this place is the only reason she’s alive. “I need you to open up that box, Tris. The only way to open that box is to pass the Sims of all five factions. But the only people that have tried to do it so far have died. Oops, I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that. Oh well. No pressure.”

“Remarkable” says a voice behind her. Jeanine Matthews. “Chances of being you, of all people.” Tris turns around and faces Jeanine. “It’s remarkable how many people you managed to murder.” Tris says with anger in her eyes. “You might find it hard to believe, but I am serving the greater good. Step up on the disk, please.” She says it politely. More lights come on and Peter moves a step closer to Tris and points the gun at her. “Step up on the disk, please.” He says repeating Jeanine’s words. She whoops around and hits Peter hard and he hits the glass. Tris now has the gun. Blood droops down Peter’s nose and smudges against the glass and the rest of his face. Jeanine turns around and Tris says to her to stop the suicides or she will kill him. She says it again, politely, “That’s okay, you can kill him if you want. We have plenty of guards.” Peter just says, “What?” Tris lets Peter go but tries to shoot through the glass instead, realizing after she has shot a few times, that it is bullet proof. Jeanine just stands there, admiring the scene.

Jeanine looks up again, but this time she notices the gun not near Peter, but on Tris. She is pointing the gun towards herself, smiling. “I guess you need me alive for this to work, right? RIGHT?!” She screams the second time, but not smiling.

Caleb ruins the scene by walking in and saying, “Tris…” He walks towards her and takes the gun from her hand while she is still standing there, startled by whom she just saw, Caleb.  The door closes again and when she turns around, Caleb is standing beside Jeanine. “If I do this, will the suicides stops?” She asks Jeanine. “No. the suicides will continue, until you succeed and pass all five Sims.” The simplest answer. Tris just looks at her and then slowly makes her way to the disk. She stands in the middle of the disk and wires with needles on their tips slowly make their way down and then stab Tris on her back and various other places. The Simulation begins.


First the Dauntless Sim.

Tris sees her mother in an Abnegation house and then out of nowhere, there is fire in front of her mom and she is screaming to Tris for help. The house starts to move and starts to lift off the house and Tris runs behind it. She grabs onto the rope and pulls herself up so that she can climb up the side of the house to save her mom. The house is in mid-air, with no supports as it twists and turns. There if fire everywhere. The house starts to tilt. The next thing she knows is that her mother is behind her. “Tris”

Dauntless Sim Complete.

She is talking to her mom. She says that she is not brave and that she doesn’t want to be Divergent anymore, she says that she just wants to be herself. She is being honest.

Candor Sim Complete.

She is in the room where she is attached to the wires and there is fighting going on the other side of the glass. A wall suddenly brakes. It’s Four! He’s come to save Tris. She is so happy to see him again and he is happy to see her again. He gives Tris a gun and helps her to her feet and then takes her through the hallway. Peter is there, on the floor, as Tris points the gun towards him and his hands are up. She says to let him go and starts to walk out. “Wait, you’re not going to shoot me?” He asks perplexed. “Once a Stiff, always a Stiff.” And she walks out.

Abnegation Sim Complete.

They find their way through the hallways where more fighting is going on. “Four, how did you get past security?” She asks when they arrive somewhere safe. “My scary boyfriend skills.” He says. She deflates. And Four asks what’s wrong and she says, “You weren’t there. You didn’t even hear that.” He runs back towards her and says, “Tris we need to leave now, alright?” She says, “I’m sorry, Four. I’m sorry I didn’t tell that I was going to go. I wanted to say goodbye, I just didn’t know how.” He says, “What are you talking about?” She explains to him that how he isn’t in the Sim, he is the Sim. Tobias slowly starts to fade away.

Erudite Sim Complete.


Jeanine says that there is only one more Sim the Tris has to Pass, amity. Peter says that she still needs to pass the Abnegation Sim but Jeanine says that she already passed that Sim by not killing him.

Caleb says that Tris is going to crash. Jeanine is surprisingly excited since no one has completed four Sims in one day. She says that this girl is incredible. She lets Tris rest in her room. Everyone leaves the room, except for Peter, who is just standing there looking at the wires dangling from the ceiling.

The next morning when Tris wakes up, Caleb walks in. She says to him that his plan was never to go back to Abnegation. “I had to do what I felt was right.” He says in response. “Your parents would be ashamed of you.” She says back. “Well, maybe not. And I’m willing to sacrifice you. The only family that I have left, the only person I love, in order to preserve what’s best for everyone else.” Tris just lies there. “What does Jeanine think is in the box, Caleb?” She asks. “It’s a message from the founders. But the box is to be opened only if the faction system broke down which is why it requires for someone like you to open it.” He says that that Divergent problem has grown out of control. “Do you even here what you’re saying right now?” She asks. “Jeanine murdered an entire faction, Caleb.” She says. “That faction could no longer be trusted.” He says in return. He says that our parents brought this problem on themselves. Tris asks what he means by that. “The box, it was in our house. They were the ones hiding it. It seems we didn’t know our parents as well as we thought we did.” The door opens and peter walks in with two other guards behind him. He says that the reunion is over and that it is time to go. Tris looks at Caleb and he gets up and walks out. The guards hold her to escort her out. “I’ve got a little surprise for you, Tris.” Peter says. They walk out of the room and she looks to the side and see Four. Four. He sees her and runs to the window. The guards keep on pushing her forward as they both are screaming for each other. Tris starts to get out of control and from behind, Peter sticks a needle in her back and she settles down.


Jeanine starts to talk to Tris about how she is doing this for people in the city, and all Tris says is, “Just please let Four go.” She ignores the question and tells her to focus on the task ahead. She then says to Tris if she appreciates irony. She said that she tested positive for Erudite so she must have the intellectual capacity. “Irony?” Tris says. “For instance, you’re angry but you need to pass an Amity Sim.” She laughs. “Then there are other irony’s at word too. Just as the fact that your cherished mother is the reason you landed up in this mess in the first place.” She says that that is irony. Tris gets a little mad. She says to stop. “Natalie Prior only died trying to protect the data that I know have in my possession.” Tris says over her. “You killed her for it.” Jeanine continues over her, ‘The data that she so selflessly held but her own daughter, her beloved Divergent, Tris, is going to be the one to deliver it to me.” Tris screams. “I said stop!” Jeanine still doesn’t stop talking. “Therefore, your mother’s death, just like your boyfriends death, will mean absolutely nothing.” This is angry, she is really angry. She lunges towards the glass and breaks through it, taking Jeanine with her. Jeanine turns to crystals and Tris is freely floating with a streak of light to her left. It soon strikes and causes Tris to break through the building, falling.


Jeanine watches the simulation carefully. “Don’t blur out.” She says hesitantly.

Tris keeps on falling. All the buildings start to crumble and break away. Still falling.

There is blood seeping from her nose, as well as her ears. Jeanine watches carefully.

She is plummeting. And she hits the hard pavement which soon also begins to crumble.

Tris’s hands, feet, everything go limp as she dangles from the wires that are holding her up. Jeanine looks at her. The box loses its color of bright blue. “No.” Jeanine says with a deep breath. “No. Bring her back! BRING HER BACK! NOOO!” She screams so loud the second time she says it. “Bring her back! Come on!” she screams again, but this time she runs into the simulation room to look at Tris. As she runs towards her, she says “Come on!” many times. “Bring her back!” she says, but this time someone says, “Subject seven is no longer vial.” She takes a few big breaths. She walks around Tris. “I really thought you were the one.” She says softly.” She looks at Tris’s face, blood coming out from her mouth, nose and ears. She looks up and around. She stands up straighter. She says that they will have to resume their search. Jeanine tells Caleb that Erudite is now his family. Peter looks at Tris. He comes in and takes Tris back. To show Tobias the dead body of Tris Prior. He tells Tobias that Jeanine thought that he might want to see her. Tobias comes closer and Peter lifts up the blanket that covers her. He looks from her, to Peter, and starts to fight. The guards try to get Four off of Peter; however, everyone stops, when they hear breaths from behind them. Tris is breathing. Tobias looks at Peter and Peter tells him to make his moves. They both kill the guards. As Tobias goes over to Tris, Peter tells him that he was pretty awesome. Tobias and Tris share a moment and then Tris asks him why he came and he replies by saying, “You die, I die.” Peter feels awkward. “Oh, Ok, guys, come on, let’s go, seriously, we can do that later.” Tris thanks Peter and he says, “Ya, whatever, now we’re even, Stiff.” Tobias picks up two guns and gives one to Tris. Tris steps back and tells Tobias that she needs to get that box. Peter says that there is no time to do stupid things. She says that they both have to listen to her. “It’s not what Jeanine thinks it is. I know it’s not, my mother would have destroyed it. We have to get it.” Tobias asks Peter if there is another way in and he says that he will have to go into the security systems and Tobias tells him to do so. He says why and Tobias says that he chose their side whether he meant to or not and that if he wants to survive, they’ll have to. Tobias and Tris lead and Peter follows after lip-sync the word, ‘fuck’. They run through the halls until they find the right door. The access is granted into the room once Peter changes the settings. Tris and Tobias run into the room and Tris stops, she says that she can’t do it. She says that she has to open the box because her mother died protecting whatever was inside. The alarm starts to ring and Tris gets hooked up to the wires again.


Tori finally found a way to get them out safely, and they have taken out every last one of those machines. “Let’s go.” Evelyn orders, and they leave, to go to Erudite.


Max leads the way to the simulation room where Four and Tris are. The door closes just before Max has the chance to get in. The simulations starts.


“Back again, are we?” Jeanine asks. “You’re an even bigger fool then your mother.” Tris just stands there, no angry, knowing that she has to pass the Amity Sim in order to reveal whatever is inside of that box. She says to say whatever she wants to her, but that she is not going to fight her. “How very Amity of you.” Jeanine says. Tris says that she means it, she is not going to fight her. “Of course you’re not, you’re going to fight her. The one you really hate.” Simulation Tris appears on the other side of the glass and after she does, Jeanine disappears. Simulation Tris says, “I’m you, Tris. I’m the real you.” Tris stares at her. and Simulation Tris starts running towards Tris, breaks through the glass and hits tris hard the walls around them break apart, but they don’t. Simulation Tris is sitting on Tris. “I’m not going to fight you, I’m not going to fight you.” She says to the Simulation Tris. Simulation Tris chokes her and punches her. “You’re deadly.” Sim Tris says, that causes Tris to hit her. “No one’s going to love you, Tris. They’re never even going to miss you. The world would be better off without you. One less Divergent ruinin everything…” Tris still has her hands in fists. “…And no one, will ever, ever forgive you for what you’ve done.” Tris “You’re wrong. Yes I will.” She says as she moves her hands down to her side, no longer holding fists in her hand. Sim Tris runs towards her at full speed but breaks through Tris as she runs. The box floats beside her and the Amity sign lights up.

Amity Sim Complete.


Max comes into the simulation room and almost kills off Tris, until Jeanine doesn’t run in saying, “STOP!”

“Initializing message.” Says the computer.


A figure appears in front of Tris. She starts talking.

“Hello. I come from outside the wall, where we have all but destroyed each other. We designed your city as an experiment. And we believe that it is the only way to return the humanity we have lost. And we created Factions to ensure peace. We believe that there will be those upon you who will transcend the factions, these will be the Divergent. They are the true purpose of this experiment, they are vital to humanities survival. If you are watching this now, at least one of you is proof that our experiment has succeeded. The time has come for you to emerge from your isolation and re-join us, and we allowed you to believe that you’re the last of us, but you’re not. Mankind waits for you, with hope, beyond the Wall.”


Tris smiles and comes alive from the simulation. She looks at Jeanine. She stands as close as she can to her on the other side of the glass. “You were wrong. About us. We were never the problem. We were the solution.” She says to Jeanine. “Bury the box. No one sees it. Ever. Kill them both.” She says, referring to Four and Tris. Before max kills them, someone kills Max from behind. The Factionless and the Dauntless have arrived with Evelyn. Evelyn walks over to Jeanine. “Hello, Jeanine.” Jeanine says, “Evelyn?” Evelyn says, “Impressive. Think we’re going to like it here.” Jeanine says, “Do you honestly think that the other Factions would stand for this?” Evelyn responds with a question. “Because you’re so popular? Get her out of here.” She says. Jeanine says that it will be the end once he message comes out. Jeanine is gone. They take Caleb as well. Evelyn asks Tobias, “what message?” and he says, “You’ll see, we’re going to put it on every camera on the city.”

The message spreads like wildfire and everyone starts towards the wall, where the gate has now opened.

As Tris and Four exit the Erudite compound, Tris says, “Everyone’s staring at me.” She says to Tobias. “We’re ready.” He says and they make their way, with everyone else, where mankind waits for them, with hope, beyond the Wall.


“It’s been over 200 years, who knows what’s out there.” Jeanine says looking through the window but talking to Evelyn who is behind her. Evelyn says, “You’ll never find out.” And takes out a gun and points it to her head. The gun goes off.

If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments section!!


10 thoughts on “Insurgent Movie

  1. bluejaybooks says:

    It has been so long since I read Insurgent that I can’t honestly remember my feelings about the book too well. I’m pretty sure that when I first read it I really loved it and was obsessed with it for a while, but I don’t recall specifics.
    As for the movie, I wasn’t too concerned with the departure from the book. If the first movie had been very different from Divergent it would have made me angry, but with Insurgent I don’t really care too much. I’m interested to see what the directors do with book three and if it will go in a different direction too.
    Since I don’t remember the book all that well I can’t say for sure which I liked better.

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  2. divergentlover says:

    If you ever have the time, I would recommend reading Insurgent again! Thanks for your post! I am really exited for the next movie and also want to see what they come up with since they changed the plot of Insurgent whilst filming, they will have to make changes to Allegiant as well!


  3. bluejaybooks says:

    You’re welcome! There are so many books I wish I could reread, but with so much new content out there I just never find the time. It’s a blessing and a curse. 🙂
    I have two copies of Divergent lying around here somewhere, but I can’t remember if I own Insurgent . . . maybe I need to go find out. I am curious to see how my views of the story will have changed in the years since I’ve read it.

    Yes, I’m interested to see Allegiant’s movie adaptation. Going into Insurgent I wasn’t sure if they were making a third film or stopping with Insurgent because of the third book’s mixed reception.

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  4. bluejaybooks says:

    That reminds me . . . I never did finish that short story collection. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I tend to draw out short stories in collections and read them one at a time, and I read the ones that I did at a time when I didn’t have much free time.
    I think the short stories would work better as a miniseries. There are just too many climaxes to work into a movie. I guess it all depends on how popular the next two movies are.
    I might not be able to get back to the Four short stories for some time. I’m currently reading two books and a short story collection, and have planned which books I’m reading when these are done, but I do want to get back to it eventually. I even know where it is on my bookshelves (this is unusual for me, books get lost in a sea of pages. I have a lot of books).

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  5. divergentlover says:

    I am not a big reader, I got interested in reading books after I read the Hunger Games, which I had to read for a book report. I finished the whole series of the Hunger Games and then watched the movies. I am not a big fan of action movies; however, these seemed to have catch my attention in a different way. Please don’t get mad, but I didn’t even know that Divergent existed until last September. WE were going on a school trip and a friend brought in that movie to watch on the bus. I didn’t understand what was going on at first. I watched the movie many times after and started loving it which caused me to read the books. Since then, Divergent and the rest of those written by Veronica Roth have been my favorites, as well as The Fault in our Stars written by John Green. If you ever get to reading and/or watching the Fault in our Stars, do let me know how you liked it!


  6. bluejaybooks says:

    That’s perfectly okay. 🙂 While I’ve enjoyed reading to some extent for a long time I didn’t really read with frequency until after I read the Hunger Games and Divergent.
    The only reason I have so many books is because no one ever knows what to buy me for my birthday so they just get me Barns and Noble gift cards.
    I’m friends with many people who despise reading with a passion, and think I’m extremely odd for constantly carrying one everywhere. Most people would see reading the book as pointless after watching the movie, so no, I am far from offended. 🙂
    It’s really pathetic that I haven’t read the Fault in Our Stars yet. I do mean to read it eventually, I just don’t care for contemporaries much. I probably won’t get to it for some while as I recently read two contemporaries in a row (the only ones I’ve read all year, and I’ve currently read 27 books). I intend to read Paper Towns first because it’s the only John Green book I own, and want to read it before the movie.
    Believe me when I say you are not the first person to insist I read that book I just get scared away by hype, and by the fact that I heard about it before the hype and the premise just didn’t sound like something I would read. I try to avoid sad books, although the contemporary I read this year Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman (my one of my favorite authors) was both sad and really good, so maybe it’s time I changed that. Right now I’m too caught up in the Mistborn series (by another of my favorite authors) which is really long to be starting much else for some time.

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  7. divergentlover says:

    I actually only read the book the Fault in our Stars because my friends also insist that I read it, and that was exactly a year ago; however, I didn’t listen to them till last November. The movie was already ruined for me because last year a friend did an oral book report on TFIOS (The Fault in our Stars). At last when I got to reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I do recommend reading the Paper Towns. I love how John Green writes books for teens.
    Green’s style of writing is very unique and his quotes are unbelievable. ❤


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