A sixteen year old girl named Beatrice Prior is from Abnegation. Today it is her turn to choose a faction of her choice. she chooses Dauntless. After the Choosing Ceremony all the Dauntless Born, as well as all initiates, run to the tracks where a train will come but won’t stop. She just makes it. She makes her first friend named Christina. They jump off the train together, onto a roof. It’s not surprising that their training has already started. The next act of bravery that they have to perform is to jump off of the roof. Only the Dauntless Born know what’s at the bottom. Beatrice volunteers to jump first. The Stiff is the first to jump. Not knowing what’s at the bottom, she just lets her self tumble down and down until she hits a net. a hand reaches out across the net and she grabs it. That’s when she sees Four. He lets her down on the ground lightly and asks for her name. She says that her name is Tris.


There are three stages of Dauntless training which include: combat, mental and the Fear Landscape. After each stage, their ranks are determined and the lowest ranking initiates get cut; become factionless. During the first stage, all the initiates, Dauntless-Born included, play a game called Capture the Flag. Four and Eric are the team captains and Four lets Eric choose first. Eric chooses Edward first. Four chooses the stiff first. When they get into their teams, they separate to try and find a place to hide the flag. While they are trying to come up with a strategy, Four and Tris share a moment by climbing the Ferris Wheel together to try and find the other team. This is when Four reveals one of his fears; the fear of heights.


Tris just passes the first stage of initiation. The second stage starts and Tris becomes one of the best. Because Four can see the simulation he quickly finds out what Tris is. She is Divergent. just before the end of the second stage, Four invites Tris into his own fear landscape. She learns why they call him Four. Because he only has four fears. His fears include:fear of heights, fear of confinement, fear of following Dauntless orders and fear of his father, which is his worst fear out of the four.


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