Divergent  is a book series written by Veronica Roth. Her style of writing is very unique and descriptive. Out of the four books she published, Four, is my all-time favorite. Tobias Eaton, also known as Four, is my hero.

Four 8


Many other readers adored his character. For this reason, Veronica decided to write a book from his perspective. Near the ending of this novel, Veronica includes scenes from her first book, Divergent; however, she writes it from Four’s perspective and not Tris’s. This novel takes place in future Chicago, where everything is different. They have created five factions, out of the thought that they will create long lasting peace. The five factions include: Dauntless for the Brave, Abnegation for the selfless, Amity for the kind, Erudite for the intelligent and Candor for the Honest. Abnegation was the governing faction. Marcus Eaton, father of Tobias, was their leader. Every year, their is a ceremony, called the Choosing Ceremony. When you are sixteen, you have to take an aptitude test, this tells you what faction you belong to. The next day you attend the Choosing Ceremony and can choose the faction of your choice, it does not have to be what your test result showed. Tobias could not stand his father and just had to get away. On his choosing day he transferred, the only Abnegation transfer in years, to Dauntless. He was free. The story never ends. Later, after the three stages of Dauntless training, including: Combat, facing your own fears and the Fear landscape, Tobias (Four) was ranked first. You might ask why Tobias is called Four, but I can tell you. He was called Four because he is the only person to only have four fears in his fear landscape. His instructor, Amar, named him Four to let him start a new life in Dauntless. getting towards the end of the novel, this book overlaps with Veronica’s first book, Divergent.

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